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Jan 13, 2015 ... “The Ballroom was completed in 1924 as part of a larger entertainment hub that included a bustling casino and 900-seat theatre. Built and ... Harlem Ren's win World Championship - African American Registry

Nov 24, 2014 · The demolition of the Renaissance Casino and Ballroom — along with construction of a new building on the site — could spur projects in a Harlem neighborhood where the … Indiana to wear Harlem Renaissance collection uniforms on Located at the intersection of Seventh Avenue and 137th Street in Harlem, the Renaissance Ballroom and Casino opened in 1923 as a locally owned and operated, multi-purpose entertainment complex The Renaissance Casino and Ballroom Complex in Harlem

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The Casino and Ballroom was also known for their basketball team, known as the " Harlem Rens". They were the first black basketball team to win the world championship. The Casino and Ballroom had also made and appearance in few things of literature. Bad News But Good News – The Renaissance Casino and Ballroom ... Sadly close to 5,000 signatures and the work and efforts of many could not “Save the Renny” (The Renaissance Casino and Ballroom) in part… or its façade. A compromise was met with the builders – who in reality didn’t have to listen to anyone at all – and the new design was developed to reflect a bit of the nostalgic and famous ballroom. Fans of the Harlem Rens, Renaissance Ballroom and Casino, New ... This excellent new piece by Dan Good of ABC News includes a rare and heartbreaking video of the Renaissance Ballroom interior as it looks today. A look back at the Harlem Renaissance Ballroom and Casino building, home to the world class Rens basketball team, now up for demolition.

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Harlem Renaissance Ballroom. ... A Harlem Landmark in All but Name By CHRISTOPHER GRAY THE two-story Renaissance Theater and Casino on Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard is architecturally unassuming but particularly significant, because unlike most of Harlem, it was built by blacks, not whites. Renaissance Casino, Harlem | Renaissance Casino (1923 ... The Casino sponsored the first professional black basketball team, the Harlem Renaissance. The team’s owner and coach, Robert L. Douglas (1882–1979), used the Casino as their home court. Though the Rens primarily toured, when they did play at home, dancing was offered before, during intermission, and after the game.

The Renaissance Casino and Ballroom was a jazz music venue located in Harlem, New York City. The casino was built by African AmericanThe combination ballroom, casino and movie theatre was one of the first non-segregated institution of its kind. The place declined during the Great Depression...

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Harlem's historic Renaissance Ballroom and Casino is unsalvageable, its owners told community members Thursday night in a contentious meeting of Community Board 10. The building's facade cannot be ...

The casino, which had a ballroom on the second floor, was used for public meetings, like a 1923 anti-lynching meeting held by the N.A.A.C.P., and it was also the home court of the Harlem Renaissance Big-Five, the black professional basketball team known as the Harlem Renaissance by Tyler Smith on Prezi

Renaissance Ballroom and Casino Central Harlem. explore visiting favorite add to favorites. In the late 19th and early 20th century, all over America, low rise entertainment complexes equipped with theatres, restaurants, meeting rooms and dance Renaissance Ballroom & Casino - Wikipedia The Renaissance Ballroom & Casino was originally, when built in 1921, a New York City complex that included a casino, ballroom, 900-seat theater, six retail stores, and a basketball arena. The Harlem Renaissance Ballroom | AbandonedNYC